Typographer | Keith Morris



Lumina, Zurich

Tarja Zingg, Creative Director

“Good morning Keith, I have to say I really love your help with the designs. Thank you very much again. Great work, great working together and great results”.

brand society, melbourne

Nina Kelly, Partner-Planning and Strategy

"Thanks Keith, you're a star!"

Landor, Melbourne

Christopher Reay, Creative Director

“Hi Keith, it looks great. Thanks so much for your help”

Crave Real Food, Sydney

Elise McKillop, Creative Director

“Thanks Keith, it looks brilliant. Thank you again for everything”

jkr Global, Singapore

Karen Cole-Fitzsimons, Creative Director

“Great thanks Keith, they all look beautiful”

Lumina, Zurich

Tarja Zingg, Creative Director

“Hi Keith, it is always a great pleasure to work with you”

Bickfords Aust., Adelaide

Filomena Musolino, Designer, Studio Manager

“Great job Keith - all approved” :)

House Industries, New York

Ken Barber, Type Director

 “Hi Keith. Thank you for being so helpful. Can’t wait to introduce your wonderful lettering to my students”


Jules Barnard, Author-Contemporary Romance

 “Hi Keith, I really like them, my favourite is the first concept”

Marque Brand Consultants, Sydney

Emily Jones, Account Director

 “Thanks Keith, these look really great. Many thanks for your quick turnaround!”

Loop Brands, Sydney

Mikey Hart, Creative Director

 “Really pleased with this Keith...loving the magic!”

Sterling Brands, New York

Stephanie Crompier, Associate Creative Director

“Thanks Keith for your hard work, the client is very happy with the Campbells font”

Davidson Branding, Melbourne

Evan Hawkins, Creative Director

“Hi Keith, these look superb, thanks so much”

Coley Porter Bell, London

Maree McNichol, Account Services

“Thank you so much for sending through the files. Not only did you turn around the work super fast, you did a fantastic job! Dave the creative head, passes on his special thanks for the excellent work”

Raw, Manchester

Tom Heaton Interview, Senior Designer

“Calligraphy is a skill that I’m always in awe of - it treads the line between effortless and impossible. One man who has mastered this art is Keith Morris”

Energi, Sydney

Kirsty Morris, Account Director

”Thank you Keith for the amazing job that you did”

“Keith, you are a guru - I know that your work will continue to elicit fabulous response, because you are so spot on! Thanks to your work, my brand has the style to take it into the future”

Scarab Rouge, Sydney

Aida Guirgus, Designer

HKA Design, San Francisco

Edith Lee, Senior Designer

“Hi Keith, thanks for finishing up the artworks so quickly, they look fabulous. Looking forward to working with you next time”

Epicicon, London

Chris Mitchell, Illustrator global brands

“Hi Keith, some great work on your site. I can see we have worked on one or two of the same projects”

hearst publications, new york

Elizabeth Capreol, Art Assistant

“Hi Keith, Thank you for the absolutely wonderful lettering that you did. We truly loved it!"

Lumina, zurich

Tarja Zingg, Creative Director

“Hi Keith, brilliant! Looking really good and it will make a good story as well. Great working with you, always such a pleasure and the client's so happy with your work"